Garden in the sky

The design was influenced by the 1930's artist Mondrian.  It is based on a grid of overlapping rectangles. A large pool of water cuts thorough  the terraced entertainment area accessed by a floating step.  The water circulates, falling down the wet wall into the rill, through the plants on the edge of the terrace into the pool filled with glistening glass spheres.

The materials used in the roof garden also reflect a pallet of delicate colours, with limestone paving interplanted with sedum and the bleached colour of the entertainment platform.  The walls rendered, one side with wire mesh trellis,  create a sense of privacy but at the same time maintain a sense of the ethereal.

There is a circular glass windo in the back of the wall which reflects the art deco windows in the walls of the roof garden and Mondrians earlier nature works.  This is designed by sculptress Yasemen Hussein.