The Perfume Garden

Commissioned by Jean Patou perfumeiers

 Jean Patou, created JOY in 1929 to bring happiness to rich American women following the 1929 stock market crash.  No fewer than 10,000 jasmine and 28 dozen roses are used to make just 30ml of JOY parfum.  JOY remains the symbol of quality and prestigue and is still one of the most expensive fragrances on the market today. The Perfume Garden is an imaginative garden for the Paris boutique, reflecting the style, simplicity  and innovation of Jean Patou.

The three sculptural windows depict some of the exquisite ingredients used in Jean Patou fragrances.  The pink perspex boundary is angled to slowly reveal the garden as you pass by.

Sparkling in the sunlight the gold leaf pool leads the eye to the striking tiered planting, reflecting the hills of the Himalayas where Osmanthus is collected for Jean Patou's 1000 perfume.  The tiers are accentuated by glittering bespoke copper coated bricks,

The plants are chosen for their delicate colours reflecting those of the Parisian boutique.  With pink, lilac and apricot the garden creates a space which is both sophisticated and bold.